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Location Search for any Post Type

Use Existing Content

Optionally set your own post type and latitude/longitude fields. This is ideal for developers who need a way to provide location search with existing data.

  • Choose any existing post type to search.
  • Choose existing latitude and longitude fields.
Set Your Own Location Content Sources

Included Post Type & Fields

Preconfigured “Location” post type comes packaged with required fields.

  • Ideal for an “out-of-the-box” location search solution.
  • Address automatically geocoded on save, using Google Maps’ geocoding API.
Included location post type with geocoded fields

Customized Maps

Choose from an included list of map styles, or use your own custom styles.

  • Includes a wide variety of pre-configured styles to choose from.
  • Developer friendly – use your own Google Maps API formatted style array for full customization over the appearance of your maps.
  • Option to upload a custom map marker (pin).
  • Additional customization options available using shortcode parameters.
Customizable maps


  • JavaScript Callbacks

    Simple Locator includes a series of JavaScript callback functions, enabling you to easily customize your map’s functionality and display. 

  • Use any Post Type

    Already have a post type with latitude and longitude fields? Unlike other store locator plugins, Simple Locator allows you to specify your own data sources.

  • Embedded Forms

    Easily embed and customize search forms using the Simple Locator widget or shortcode.